Viktoria’s Skincare

Feeling good, relaxing, coming to rest and focusing on one’s inner beauty – that is the feeling that the customers of Viktoria’s Skincare should have when they enter the beauty salon. Diving into a world that bridges the gap between the down-to-earthness of the southern Styrian wine region and the Parisian city flair – the hometown of Maria Galland (main beauty brand in this salon). The result is a mix of warm, honest materials, powdery colour nuances and black and white contrasts. Rounded shapes, floral wallpapers and flowing curtains as counterparts create an atmospheric ambience. The black-coloured ceiling gives the room stability towards the top and thus creates a feeling of security. The mirrors on the walls let discover new perspectives and give the rooms depth. Playful lamps complement the minimalist design and cosy armchairs round off the concept. The result is a chic beauty salon with an urban Parisian flair in the middle of southern Styria on an area of around 80m² – from floor plan planning to production and assembly of the furniture, everything was done from a single source.


Möbelbau Breitenthaler; Verena Poschner

Viktoria’s Skincare

Year of completion

Gamlitz, Austria

Total area
80 m2

eephotograph; Elena Egger

Project Partners

Möbelbau Breitenthaler, Peter Dingsleder

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