Spot lamp

More and more people are integrating spotlights in their ceilings, but it is usually not optimal. Spot is a new lamp using two LED spotlights that play with direct and indirect light. The walls and the ceiling can be used as reflectors and a beautiful light is created. The Spot lamp exists in a small and big version and can be placed in many different living spaces. You can get one as your bedside lamp or have a multitude of them in a university library or any open space office. Thanks to the two LED spots that can be manipulated separately, everyone can create its own setting. By using a standard recycled aluminum pr ofile the production of the lamp is facilitated. A dimmer is integrated on each side of the aluminum profile to control the light intensity of the LEDs. Thanks to a 360° rotation system, the two spotlights can be tilted independently.


Renaud Defrancesco Studio, Switzerland

Ikea Foundation Switzerland

Year of production

© Renaud Defrancesco

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