Spider – Cross Liner

Unique design
Main parts are made of high-quality material that gives the mower the ideal weight for mowing both frequently maintained areas and unkempt terrains. CROSS LINER can easily cope with difficult terrains and turns around its vertical axis thanks to the skid steering function and unique wheel drive system. It is not necessary to turn the mower around, patented drive system allows for all directions mowing and it is so simple to guide the mower into the next mowing line.

Universal use
Ideal for mowing both sloping and flat terrains. CROSS LINER perfectly follows the terrain thanks to the terrain copying platform and is extremely maneuverable. Its size allows it to easily pass under solar panels. With help of the stabilizing winch the mower can work on slopes of up to 55 degrees.

Safety first
CROSS LINER has been designed with maximum operator safety in mind. It is equipped with a brand new clutch system with our own design, which is the only one on the market to ensure that the blade stops within 2 seconds. The integrated stabilizing winch increases stability even on the most extreme slopes.


Divan Design s.r.o., Czech Republic

DVOŘÅK – svahové sekačky s.r.o., Czech Republic

Year of production

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