Sphere Walnut Vinyl Record Lovers Set by VUUV Works

The Vinyl Lovers set was created as a combination of fresh natural design and refined craftsmanship. The set contains a walnut vinyl record holder, a safe solution for storing the case of the vinyl record, a 100g and 160g turntable weight, with built-in metal discs for vibration damping and keeping the record flattened, and a record cleaning brush with naturally anti-static goat hair. The set was made by VUUV Works Craftsmanship, which unites artists and craftsmen to create limited edition and one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces while focusing on fresh aesthetics, ethical working relationships, sustainable materials, production, and shipping. They aim to show how attractive and current Central European crafts can be. The design team includes designer and founder of VUUV Works Anna Lébényi, woodturner Jenő Köpf, and hifi entrepreneur Gedeon Őry.


VUUV Works

VUUV Works

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Anna Lébényi

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