Sparkasse Agile Space

By renovating the existing dark, closed conference and meeting rooms in existing offices, the client wanted to encourage employees to cooperate, work together, to connect different working groups within the bank, to be creative and to increase a relaxed working atmosphere. The studio “cleaned” the space for a fresh design and breathed new life into it. They worked together with all employees and also with academic painter Dime Temkov who led the creation of “The big picture”. This is the centerpiece of the entire space, a painting from all employees. When the space was co-created by the entire company team the big picture of Sparkasse was co-created, at the initiative of the architect, by more than 60 employees at a joint event – team building, and at the end of the work, everyone left their mark. Then the painter Temkov took over and connected fragments on canvas into a whole painting with his own contribution. The large painting thus speaks of the friendship and connection of different creators, who are bound not only by the joint work-art but also by the desire to present themselves as a spiritual whole, a social unit and a society of SPARKASSE team. Additionally, they used some unusual solutions for the office environment such as artificial grass, stairs forum and movable paravans – to achieve a relaxed, dynamic and creative space. The final design generates an atmosphere of creativity and intense interaction between employees in contrast to other areas of Sparkasse office space.


Demšar arhitekti d.o.o.; Gašper Demšar, Miha Maček

Banka Sparkasse d. d.

Year of completion

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total area
170 m2

Blaž Jamšek

Project partners

Dime Temkov – Akademski slikar

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