Soma Slow Food

Inspired by Soma Book Station in the center of Pristina, the Soma Slow Food comes in a unique form of the object bringing a unique module of laminated wood construction. The object and the large openings create a blending of the object’s architecture with the surrounding nature. Soma is a restaurant that is identified by its architectural form, construction, natural light, unique openings and materials used. The purpose of materializing the object was to use traditional materials like stone, wood, plaster, glass and cobblestone, yet bringing them in a modern spirit. Fortunately, most of these materials are produced in Kosovo. The architect’s main goal was to connect the building with nature as much as possible so that both architecture and nature would be enjoyed at the same time. The object would give that special feeling and remain within, in the memory, for long by having created the cozy environment and enjoying similarly both inside and outside.


Studio 11

Year of completion

Prishtine, Kosovo

Total area
800 m2

Leonit Ibrahimi

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