SOFI natural cosmetics shop, Belgrade

SOFI natural cosmetics is a client studio AUTORI met in 2016 to work on their flagship store in Novi Sad. After four years, the collaboration continues, this time working on their Belgrade store. Led by SOFI’s philosophy in which the focus is on the fully exposed natural ingredients, studio AUTORI picks a few raw and distinctive elements to build up an overall balanced experience. With scrap marble picked from the local quarry and found in its backyard, the base is set. The marbles (Croatian Planit and Maljat from Montenegro) that were discarded by the quarry due to flaws, were minimally processed and brought back to life by AUTORI. All other elements like shelves and the counter, are fully subordinated to the marble gestures. To give the interior balance and serenity, soft materials such as translucent curtains and SOFI logo (treated more like a light installation than mere branding) are installed.
Once again, the studio provides custom lighting for the shop in the form of subtle black/led arches. With fully given freedom to experiment, working on this project was a true remedy.



SOFI natural cosmetics

Year of completion

Belgrade, Serbia

Total area
30 m2

Relja Ivanić

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