Slē plywood sled

Slē is a plywood sled inspired by bent plywood structures and joints, especially the purity of function that it can achieve while keeping the form language dynamic.

The tilted seat and frame are specially designed for the slopes, providing convenient sitting and manoeuvrability on slopes up to 25% gradient. The ‘double arch’ construction of Slē was designed to be durable against recurring forces while sledging and the radius of the upper and lower arches are made to be self-supportive.

The soles of the sledge are covered with a T-profile stainless steel cover, which is integrated between two layers of plywood. This cover protects the edges of the plywood against impacts and damages. The leash can be clipped under the seat while not in use to prevent it from swinging dangerously while sledging.

Thanks to the chosen material, the result is a recreational equipment that is child friendly, yet stylish and high-quality in built for adults.


Adam Miklosi, Hungary

Adam Miklosi, Hungary

Year of production

Kevin Harald Campean

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