The central body consists of the luminaire, which emits a warm hue with an LED light source. The plywood petals are fixed around the luminaire; this way, they serve as a diffusor, as a tool to prevent eyesores caused by direct light, and provide the contour of the volume. The biomorphic structure gives an impression of an almost moving organism due to the playful composition that evolves into an interesting optical illusion. The ambient lighting operates with LED that lessens the waste of energy and the radiated heat compared to incandescent bulbs. SHELFORDII-PLY provides efficient and bright light according to our needs due to the progressive Bluetooth technology integrated into the lamp. The American walnut and European oak plywood elements bring a piece of nature in our interiors, which feature has become highly important as we crave to reconnect to our environment in the present urban life. To complete the feeling close to nature, we use only a high-quality LED lamp which is a light source similar to natural light (Color Rendering Index >90). It means that the way we see colors under SHELFORDII-PLY is almost the same as we were sitting in the garden in the sun.


Ramón Nieto

Plydesign Ltd.

Year of production

Géza Hernád

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