Sekhina pét-nat opener

The Sekhina pét-nat opener is a stylish yet multi-functional tool. It enables us to open high-pressure drinks (not just pét-nats, but also ciders and kombucha for example) safely and without waste whilst also keeping the drink cool. The cooler container made of handcrafted HPC concrete catches all the runaway drops if any. The built-in water-resistant LED light illuminates the bubbles and the dancing lees, providing a super groovy background to our pét-nat ceremony. Our tool is not just useful and esthetic, but it also creates a special atmosphere for the pét-nat opening process. According to Sekhina’s philosophy, good design has integrity with the environment. Turning an everyday activity into a ceremony, appreciating our surroundings, and respecting nature. Sekhina’s contemporary, innovative concrete objects follow the functionality of the Bauhaus and the principles of slow design.


Concept: Gábor Kasza, László Folkmann, Róbert Ilcsik, Hungary
Product Design: Gábor Kasza – Sekhina Design, Hungary

Sekhina Design Company, Hungary

Year of production

Fülöp Schmal

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