Schütz Art Museum

The private museum stands as a three-story landmark, embodying the concept of an “art storage” while remaining visible from a distance. Its design revolves around the open staircase, serving as a core connecting all areas and symbolizing openness. Adhering to the principles of Feng Shui, the building positions the staircase as the illuminated center, even when closed, with the Eight Trigrams of Feng Shui revolving around it.

Chinese numerology and the concept of perfection are reflected in a grid system, where each floor plan and facade measure 9 x 9 meters. Alongside Austrian modernism, the collector’s focus on contemporary Chinese art inspired the desire to design the new building according to Feng Shui principles. The aim was to integrate these principles with Le Corbusier’s Modulors, resulting in a synthesis of both sets of rules. The proportions created in this manner contribute to the museum’s harmonious overall effect, striving to unify cultures.



Schütz Fine Art GmbH

Year of completion

Engelhartszell, Austria

Total area
1.608 m2

Site area
3.456 m2

Thomas Blazek

Project Partners

Contractor: PRIESNER BAU GmbH; Mathias Schütz

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