Schott NYC Store, Glyfada

The iconic and assymetrical perfecto jacket, launched by Schott NYC n 1928, is characterized by the main design principle of the modern movement – “form follows function”. The idea of its shape has arisen from the need for a more comfortable fitting when riding a motorcycle. For the implementation of the jacket 41 pieces of leather and more than 100 metallic items are required, while every single detail on it has a functional purpose. One can note a visual connection between the jacket and iconic pieces of furniture of the time because of the use of stainless steel together with leather. Making a comparison, one could say that the Perfecto jacket is the Mies van de Rohe Barcelona chair or Le Corbusier LC4 in fashion terms. Taking under consideration the legacy of the brand, the design objective focused on creating a link between the past and the future and the interpretation of said legacy with a contemporary architectural aspect, still defined by the archetype of the product. Therefore the store is defined by a structure that is combined of 41 asymmetrical black surfaces and metallic components, that all refer to the perfecto consisting parts, and that extends within 3 levels contrasting the white background and distinguishing the positioning of the signature and the contemporary items of the brand’s collection.


99 01 architects; Vassilios Arapidis, Eleni Kokkinaki


Year of completion

Glyfada, Athens, Greece

Total area
240 m2

Mariana Bisti

Project Partners

Knauf, Kostis Lighting, Neotex

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