Salvatore Cuomo Cafe, Manila

Salvatore Cuomo Café is the last flagshipstore – opened in 2019 – by the well known chef Salvatore Cuomo in the center of Manila, Philippines. The restaurant is designed as a mix and match between Italy and Philippines. A real strong synergy among Italian tradition details and a clear reference to nature, queen of the country. Th project used materials for a natural touch and feel to create a deep and quiet place to eat, have fun and relax. A cool and informal nest out of the chaos of a big and vibrant city like Manila. Interiors have been designed with a double setup for lunches and informal dinners. The impressive indoor trees and pendant tube lights create a chill-jungle mood in conversation with the majestic copper texture joined with a monumental wall covered with natural moss. The result is a unique place sprinkled with small details, such as the wood-fired oven covered with riveted copper plates and the large hat made with oven blades: a real benchmark for the city of Manila.


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Year of completion

Manila, Philippines

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