Rotational Spine Protection (RSP) System

Over-rotation of the spine is proven to be the major cause of spinal fractures, spinal cord injuries, and paraplegia, but most back protectors are designed to guard against only direct impacts. EDERA SAFETY, the design studio behind the RSP-System, studied medical surveys of spinal injuries, determining how and where they occurred. Under the in-house brand name “adamsfour.”, the team concentrated on rotational injuries, which are five times more common than direct spinal impacts. By using Generative Design, a biologically based algorithmic design software, a system was developed that takes spinal protection to a whole new level.

The RSP-System acts as a “second skin” that adapts to the body and “blocks” movement within a certain area. If spinal rotation enters a critical range, the system captures and absorbs the excess rotational energy. The RSP-System is a business-to-business technology that allows other manufacturers to integrate the system into their own products.


EDERA SAFETY GmbH & Co KG; Thomas Adam Saier, Austria

EDERA SAFETY GmbH & Co KG, Austria

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