Fuchsegg Eco Lodge

What dimensions should one use for a hotel in a remote landscape? Architects have already found many answers to this question. You can use the spatial programme to create a monumental object, a grand hotel with the mountains as a backdrop as was the case in many places during the Belle Époque. One could also design a subterranean building or try and make it invisible in some way. Perhaps one would come up with this idea today because of the advancing urban sprawl. The studio has chosen a third approach to find an appropriate form: they investigate which settlement forms can already be found in the surrounding cultural landscape. And they found what they were looking for: the existing Vorsäss Eggatsberg can be admired at a distance of about 1,000 metres. What is a Vorsäss? The term originates from the Alemannic Alpine region and refers to a settlement inhabited only in summer, consisting of simple farmhouses with stables, forming a loose settlement without the pretense of being a village. The buildings are similar to each other, they are oriented according to the topography, they do not form streets and they do not have fences.


Ludescher + Lutz Architekten

Fuchsegg GmbH

Year of completion

Schetteregg – Egg, Austria

Total area
9.846 m2

Site area
2.217 m2

Elmar Ludescher, Günter Standl; Studio Wälder

Project Partners

Plan Drei GmbH; DI Günther Meusburger; 3 P Geotechnik ZT GmbH

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