The project “Roots Dental Clinic”, with a total area of 70 square meters, is located in Athens within the vicinity of the Music Hall. Since the dental practice’s expertise is endodontics, the patient usually has a disturbing feeling of uneasiness when entering the clinic. Therefore, the main concept is all about creating an environment in which the patient would come in contact with natural elements as a scenography and provide him with a feeling of calmness and tranquility.

The materials used are stone and wood, as well as stucco finishings on the wall, which practically create a buffer zone among the natural elements and relax the patient. Following the same principles, softer conceptual lines are drawn, looking at the section but also the top view of the clinic. For example, the dome, or the floating monolithic sitting area-secretary desk, which is enwrapped by various axes of motion, makes it comfortable and relaxing for the person waiting to be operated.


Kostoglou Architettura

Nestoras Tzimpoulas

Year of completion

Athens, Greece

Total area
70 m2

Kostoglou Architettura

Project Partners

Architectural study: Kostoglou Architettura
Construction supervision: Κostoglou Architettura
Civil engineer: Pienaar
Mechanical-electrical engineer: Aenaos s.a.
Floor: Rountos
Wall rock coverings: Amanatiadis bagno
Sanitary items: Zartaloudis
Kitchen: Stofa home
Special furniture construction: Nikolaidis Epiplo
Dental equipment and installation: Anthos Hellas
Lighting design: Bright
Curtains and blinds: Cripe
Doors: Rekatsina Irini
Tiles: Porcelana
Windows: Maluc
Technological equipment: Public
Plaster constructions: Kolorizos
Colour and stucco: Artmix

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