Roličky Houses, Bratislava

Roličky Houses project is responding to its surroundings and its urban placement in the terrain is based on the environment and the shape of the plot. The intention of the project was to ensure a great deal of privacy for residents on one hand, and on the other hand to take advantage of the nice views of Bratislava. For this purpose, the project “opens up” towards the city and the hill. The side facades are perforated minimally. They are fitted with small atriums or loggias that help illuminate the deep floor plans. At the same time, they allow transverse ventilation of the daily zone of the apartments. The project consists of nine detached houses in which 27 large-scale apartments are located. All houses are accessible by one common private road and they are arranged in a line. At both ends, they retreat according to the fan shape of the plot. Each house has three floors and one shared garage located in the basement. Spaces between the houses are used as terraces and green areas. Typologically, these are family houses, as there are three apartments in each of them. Each floor consists of one apartment that is directly accessible from the elevator. The floor plan of the apartments is divided into three basic zones. Day zone has southeast orientation thus maximizing the use of entire width of the house so that the living room, dining room and kitchen have a view of the city. Night zone is oriented to the northwest. Entrance, technical and hygiene utilities are placed in the middle of the apartment.The houses have a higher technical and spatial standard than usual: the clear height in the garages is 3,3 m, in the apartments it is 2,9 m. The facades are maintenance-free, lined with brick cladding and alucobond, windows are made of aluminum with blinds. Each apartment has its own gas boiler connected to the floor heating system. Overall expression of the project is minimalist. The predominate color is uniform gray and is complemented by black accents. The access road is lined with bricks from the same manufacturer of the facade bricks. When viewed from a distance, the project doesn’t “scream” but merges with the hill.


cakov+partners; Kalin Cakov, Metodiy Monev, Ján Obušek

Tomáš Fojtik, Michal Kyselica, Soňa Dianová


Year of completion

Bratislava, Slovakia

Total area
9.080 m2

Site area
7.000 m2

Tomáš Manina

Project Partners

Rustique, STO, Reynaers

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