Rhythmic modules

Rhythmic modules are versatile decorative elements that can become the accent of any interior. If combined, the regular shapes of the modules outline an abstract relief. They can be aligned in at least 10 ways, each time offering different shapes. Aesthetic properties allow placing them in different stylistic contexts and premises with various destinations: commercial, office and residential.

They are available in a wide aesthetic range. Whether you opt for imitation of cement, for the warm structure of the wood, for the shade of anthracite, for white colour or for a chromatic personalization of the modules, they will become a worthy add-in to any premise. In addition to the decorative mission, the panels also have the role of sound insulation – a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.


Andrei Gramatschii, Moldova

MADLAB, Moldova

Year of production

Oleg Bajura/ Project: AB+Partners

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