Retirement Home Ptuj – unit Zabjak

Retirement Home Ptuj is an important project for Slovenia due to the significant need for elderly care. This building provides day and night care for more than 150 individuals and includes amenities such as a restaurant, kitchen, hairdressing salon, health assistance facilities, chapel, laundry, and various multifunctional spaces.

Its cozy design aims to make residents feel at home. Additionally, the exterior space features water elements, gardens, terraces, and walking paths, adding value to the building. Situated in a once degraded environment, private investors, together with the municipality and the ministry, have transformed the surroundings into a pleasant neighborhood. This neighborhood already includes a center for disabled people, as well as residential buildings.


Studio SOKPRO architects

Retirement Home Ptuj

Year of completion

Ptuj, Slovenia

Total area
8.773,33 m2

Site area
6.145 m2

Studio Crtica in druge zgodbe

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