Restaurant | 01

The Restaurant project | 01 was born from the client’s need to refunctionalize the restaurant area of ​​a hotel complex. The approach to the project was to open the refreshment room by projecting it towards the external patio through a previously non-existent glass window and intending the space as a large block of marble to be excavated from which the travertine flooring and tables come to life. The wooden inserts on the floor instead connect the different passages and flow within the room. The external patio, entirely covered in travertine, configures an outdoor space open to the sky as a place for outdoor conviviality. Essential shapes and material contrasts redesign the conviviality space.


Pianozeroarchitetti; Raffaele Grasso, Angelo Lista, Pasquale Cesaro

Orizzonte Resort

Year of completion

Giugliano in Campania, Italy

Total area
79 m2

Carlo Oriente

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