Restaurant 0

Last summer, the slow-tech spatial design studio* ( kuidas? – how? in Estonian) was invited to participate in an Estonian TV series Restaurant 0 that aimed to complete a rather challenging task – to build a restaurant in 7 days at zero cost, using smart recycling. The table was an exploration into the simplest, ancient methods – created using the rammed earth technique, using only hand tools and natural materials. Tons and tons of clay were first dried in the sun, then sieved through an old spring mattress frame, carried bucket by bucket into the framework, and finally rammed into a standing height dining table. The earth was mainly of local origin and sourced from a nearby clay quarry. The used volumes of clay and sand could easily be reused, but even if the rammed earth table were left in ruins, the materials used would not burden the environment, and the table will slowly but surely fall apart and disappear. Coming out of the comfort zone is the prerequisite for understanding ecological problems, which was the undertone of the whole show. The design does not have to be about comfortability, it can and should be used as a tool to draw attention, as the design and building industry has one of the heaviest footprints.


Architecture; Maria Helena Luiga, Andrea Tamm, Henri Papson, Hannes Praks

Malvo Tominga, Kaisa Sööt, Ann-Katriin Kelder, Kaarel Kuusk

Year of completion


Unseen Views by Charis Solomou

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