Residential House Herberia, Košice

This non-traditional terrace apartment building is situated in a convenient location near the city centre of Kosice. The seven-story terraced apartment building has been constructed over old garages and comprises of 55 mostly four-room apartments.
The architecture of the apartment building is based on the intention to build terrace apartments with a view of the Košice skyline. The building uses a sloping plot, retreating on individual floors while creating large terraces accessible from the individual apartments. The intimacy of the terraces is ensured by line barriers – continuous concrete flower pots, which bring interesting dynamics into the rectangular grid. The apartments have large glazing facing this area. The building is designed to fit in adjacent housing development and thus creates a bridge to the existing apartment buildings in the west. Its overall shape was influenced by the city regulations requiring unhindered view of the city skyline from a nearby road to the city. As a part of the project, the landscaping of the adjacent area was made as well. There are two playgrounds to be enjoyed by of residents in their free time.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Rare terrace structure of urban housing in Košice, Slovakia.


Andrej Rodziňák

Herberia, s.r.o.

Marek Bernát

Year of completion

Žižkova st, Košice, Slovakia

Total area
14.780 m2

Project Partners

Strabag s.r.o

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