Relaxation park Domžale

Along the river Kamniška Bistrica, a green axis has been arranged in Domžale for several years, connecting the city via Kamnik all the way to the source of the Kamnik Alps. Various landscape programs are lined up along this axis. One of these is a space of contemplation with urban furnishings such as meditation platforms and lounge chairs.

The project is designed as an outdoor meditation room where individuals can take time for themselves under the mild sky, in the embrace of nature, at sunset, or sunrise. Decks with wooden curtains are used for relaxation, yoga, pilates, picnics, etc., while lounge chairs are provided for resting with views towards the Alps and Kamniška Bistrica river. All urban equipment including fountains, bicycle sheds, bins, address boards, lounge chairs, and platforms are uniquely designed and manufactured and are copyrighted and morally protected.


Hafner arhitekti d.o.o.; Benjamin Hafner

Munacipality of Domžale

Year of completion

Domžale, Slovenia

Total area
1.000 m2

Site area
1.000 m2

Benjamin Hafner

Project Partners

Construction: Biro Armatura Uroš Žvan s.p.
Electro instalations: Dast Projekt s.p.
Mechanical instalations: Klimaterm d.o.o.
Inventories: TMGRA d.o.o.
Contractors: Lavaco d.o.o., Modro d.o.o., Žurbi d.o.o., Arboretum Volčji Potok, Skočaj d.o.o.
Supervizion: M I L T inženiring, Iztok Žvegla s.p.

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