Puro Eclectic

Puro Eclectic is a lighting composition comprising handblown tubes from the Puro collection, a boldly minimalistic variation on atmospheric pendent lights.‎

Inspiration for the collection and its name come from the Spanish word for “cigar”, which also means “pure” and is a reference to the composition’s clean lines. The precision crafting of handblown glass instils distinctive, enduring character and outstanding quality in all Brokis products.‎

The primary aim was to create a simple yet linearly dynamic and expressive composition to hang above dining tables.‎ The name Eclectic was chosen based on the variously adjustable diagonal and intercommunicating glass tubes.‎

The Puro collection comes in matte opal white or smoke grey glass. The collection features innovative connectors specially developed by Brokis, which allow for easy installation, maintenance, and cleaning. Puro Eclectic comes in two sizes.


Lucie Koldova, Czech Republic

Brokis, Czech Republic

Year of production

Martin Chum

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