Pula School of Medicine

In 2007. started the project for the new school building due to the poor conditions of the building. Today, the school is considered to be the one of the most innovative and contemporaneous educational facility in Croatia, with modern laboratories and classes for more than 300 students, 50 employees and a total area of 3712m2. Horizontal and vertical communications are serving as meeting points for students and lecturers. The main hallway is open to the natural light, and its formal aesthetic is alleviated with blue surfaces, and seductive circular light elements. Visually striking exterior and interior spaces are designed by relying on contemporary principles of encouraging nonhierarchical practices. Everyone participating in the school activities is provided with the same amount of visual and spatial care, excitement, and utility: teachers and students equally. The school provides high energetic efficiency standards, equipped with a smart system of blinds natural ventilation creating a comfortable environment for users.


Davor Matticchio, Luka Matticchio

Pula School of Medicine

Year of completion

Pula, Croatia

Total area
3.712 m2

Đani Celija, Luka Matticchio, Dragana Rogošić

Project Partners

TGI d.o.o., SPI d.o.o., Munte projekt d.o.o., TTPaun d.o.o., Radnik d.o.o., ADDE studio d.o.o., Luks d.o.o., Špina d.o.o., Conty plus d.o.o. Zagreb

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