Black Stork Osekovo Visitor Center

The permanent exhibition presents to visitors the key natural phenomena of this protected area. This complex ecosystem is interpreted through a combination of analogue interactive exhibits, digitally told stories, sculptural fragments and tactile reliefs, condensing a varied sensorial introduction before embarking on a visit to the vast wetland. Spatial elements grow out of the rhythm of the continuous linear oak planks, through which the wooden interior becomes the basis for exhibits in the function of interpretation. The project consists of two buildings connected by an educational park and 3 viewpoints, built of natural materials in accordance with the morphology of local construction.


Roth i Čerina d.o.o.

Product and spatial design
Clinica studio d.o.o.

Graphic design
Niko Mihaljević

Ivana Fabrio

Mobile app concept

Illustration: Franka Tretinjak, Multimedia Art Director: Vanja Cuculić, Sculpture: Borna Demel

Tourism entrepreneur
Public Institution Lonjsko Polje Nature Park

Year of completion

Osekovo, Republic of Croatia

Total area
200 m2 (interior) + 1200 m2 (exterior)

Marko Mihaljević

Project Partners

Binđo + Vios + Pegra, Primat RD, AVC Zagreb

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