Projektni biro Arhitekt d.o.o.

Projektni biro Arhitekt d.o.o.


Projektni biro Arhitekt d.o.o. for architectural and engineering activities and technical consulting from Tuzla with an office in Sarajevo, deals primarily with services related to architectural design, supervision of construction of buildings, engineering and all types of consulting services. In addition, we specialize in graphic design, furniture and interior design.

We place special emphasis on providing 3D visualization and video animation services, using modern software solutions, both for the needs of their projects and for other project companies that due to lack of time or equipment are not able to create visualizations for their projects.

Founded in 1995, Projektni biro Arhitekt has designed and implemented many buildings of various purposes and sizes in this period of existence and operation, from individual residential buildings to collective housing, industrial, business, sports facilities and interior solutions.

Projektni biro Arhitekt is a young team that offers fast, efficient and complete service of new architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which keeps pace with world trends. The quality of life is directly related to the quality of the space in which we live, so it is extremely important that the space meets your needs. We offer services of creating a functional and aesthetically beautiful space, with the personal stamp of the end user.

Starting from the fact that clients receive a complete service in one place from architecture, engineering, interior, to design and consulting, the first contact with the client is to talk and develop the investor's vision of the future project / facility.
Through the conceptual design, which we consider the most important segment in the design process, by crystallizing the idea itself, we often have the opportunity to do several projects, offering different conceptual solutions and giving investors the opportunity to choose the best and most suitable solution ready for implementation. The creation of a project is a multi-layered process consisting of several phases, starting with the development or harmonization of the project program, the development of the conceptual design, the main project, and then supervision over the construction of the facility or interior solution.

The project bureau was founded almost 20 years ago by architect Adil Hadžibeganović, who, after many years of work in the civil service of the Department of Urbanism and Spatial Planning, opened a private design house, with the goal of realizing his creative ideas. At the moment, his position in the company is related to technical consulting and mentoring with young architectural engineers. At the head of the Projektni biro Arhitekt is architect Sead Hadžibeganović, who is the director and chief and responsible designer, manages communication with investors, design supervision of facilities under construction and consulting services. After completing his master's degree in Sarajevo, he went to Italy where he completed additional studies and and acquired a degree - Operator for Conservation of Archaeological and Architectural Cultural Heritage - Instruments and Methodologies for Cultural Heritage Conservation and Valorization. Part of the team is a young architectural engineer Sandra Seferagić, head of the department for major projects, design and visualization. Other members of the team are engineers of various professional fields related to the design of high-rise buildings, which are included in the preparation of project documentation if necessary.

First Prize - Competition for the preliminary design of a memorial -Fountains Commander Zaim Imamović in Garazde2012
First Prize.- Competition for the preliminary design of the building of the sports hall in Jablanica2008
Third Prize - A design contest redesign, reconstruction and interior solutions proposed commercial buildings Turkish Ziraat Bank in Sarajevo2006


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


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