Lorelux ® by Niteko Illuminazione

Lorelux ® by Niteko Illuminazione

Lorelux® stands for Long Resistant Luminaires, an Italian brand owned by Niteko Illuminazione, Apulian company with decades of experience in street lighting, born as an innovative start-up and grown rapidly to become today an innovative and internationally renowned SME. Niteko always paid particular attention to environment by offering sustainable solutions. In fact, Lorelux® is the first brand of polymer luminaires that enhances the urban spaces with exclusive designs, and in a sustainable and durable way. Creating new value from recycling is the mission of the brand, which is the result of a sustainable path started in 2011, a path that limits the impact on the environment through an intelligent and responsive design, and allows improving the general characteristics of the products in terms of durability and resistance both to corrosion by atmospheric agents and to impacts.

Since brand’s foundation, products and projects have been awarded internationally, as well as being featured in numerous lighting conferences and exhibitions.


Emiliano Petrachi, Giuseppe Vendramin, and Alessandro Deodati - automation engineer, electronic engineer with a PhD in electronic measurements, and mechanical and automation engineer, respectively - met each other at the University of Salento. In 2005, they were pioneers in proposing and installing the first street lighting prototypes with power LED technology in Apulia, Italy. This study was published with the scientific article Led-based Public Lighting System Reliability for a Reduced Impact on Environment and Energy Consumption, presented during the IEEE international conference in Hammamet, Tunisia, in 2007. They founded Niteko in 2011, since then, they never stopped studying, and developing innovative and sustainable solutions for public lighting, whose result today is Lorelux® brand.


Article name Name of Media/publication Year
Interview with Alessandro Deodati LUCE 2023
Lorelux: urban lamps made of sustainable and ultra-resistant materials LUCE 2023
Lorelux: from plastic waste to resistant urban luminaires LED Professional 2023
The corrosion-proof streetlights made Circular Lighting Report 2023
Interview with Giuseppe Vendramin Innovation Hero 2022
Lorelux: l'illuminazione urbana nasce dal recupero ADI Design Index 2022 2022
Parola d'ordine, resitenza circolare Valore Italia 2022
Lorelux: circular sustainability meets design elegance LUCE 2022
Name of Exhibition Organiser and/or event, city, country Year
Materials&Light Paris, France 2023
Gatubelysnings Forum Stockholm, Sweden 2023
Green Med Symposium Naples, Italy 2023
ADI Design Index ADI Design Museum, Milano, Italy 2022
ADI Design Index Treccani Institute, Rome, Italy 2022
Title of the lecture Event / organiser, city, country Year
Urban lighting: innovative luminaires LUX Europa 2022, Prague, Czech Republic 2022
Urban lighting: an innovative solution LightSymposium 2022, Copenhagen 2022


Montemesola (TA), Italy



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Lorelux® urban luminaires are circular and sustainable because they are infinitely recyclable and come from a specific PSV (Plastic Second Life) certified polyethylene, with post-consumer plastic content of up
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