Vieste by Lorelux

Lorelux® urban luminaires are circular and sustainable because they are infinitely recyclable and come from a specific PSV (Plastic Second Life) certified polyethylene, with post-consumer plastic content of up to 98%. Rotoskin® technology gives them an anti-UV and self-cleaning protective shield, while the use of recovered plastics reduces environmental impact and guarantees durable luminaires that are immune to corrosion by atmospheric agents and pollutants, UV rays, aging and discoloration over time. The LED source can be repaired and upgraded, thus saving about 15 kg of CO2 for each body’s avoided replacement (source: LCA study). The manufacturing process is low-impact and flexible, making it possible to produce single-piece objects with complex outlines, with no welding lines or joints.


Lorelux brand; Alessandro Deodati

Niteko S.r.l.

Year of production

Michele Manisi, Matteo Cirenei

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