Anadolu Isuzu

Anadolu Isuzu

The company is a manufacturer of buses, trucks, and military vehicles. In 2008, it established an in-house design office to create a unified design for all its products. The design team analyzed the company's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the designs of its competitors and the latest automotive trends, to develop a design DNA that would be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. As the design team designed more vehicles, the company's design DNA developed and strengthened. The company also began to establish a product family, with each new vehicle building on the success of the previous one. The company's commitment to design has been successful. Its vehicles are now exported to over 40 countries, primarily in Europe. It is also a leader in the development of truck and defense vehicles.

Although our support for trucks and pickups is limited in the current production model, we can say that we design almost all of the interior and exterior designs of our bus and coach group vehicles. As a manufacturer of buses and coaches in the class 1, 2, and 3 segments, we appeal to a wide range of user groups, from intercity travel to urban public transportation, from service and tourism transportation to specialized vehicles. We have many stakeholders. Considering that buses are also investment vehicles as commercial vehicles, we need to meet expectations such as low initial investment cost, low operating cost, long life, short service life, and availability of spare parts.

When starting a new vehicle project, a brief is first prepared to outline the basic goals of the concept vehicle. After the target market is determined, we examine the competitors in the relevant segment. We define the positioning of our competitors in the target market and determine the area we will address in this positioning.


Kocaeli̇, Turkey


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Winning projects


Big-e is a versatile vehicle designed to create “big” solutions in narrow spaces, especially for last-mile delivery. It will not only carry the burden of the companies but also
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Kendo 13 CNG

Kendo 13 CNG is a 13 m service, school, and short distance intercity vehicle. While Anadolu Isuzu’s first bus in this segment and one of the very first members of
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Grand Toro

Grand Toro is an 8.5 m medium-size coach and an ideal partner for short & medium-haul service, touristic, and airport transportation journeys. It carries the new Anadolu Isuzu design
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