Prayer under the Midžor

“Prayer under Midžor” is a festival that takes place every year in the villages of Vrtovac and Balta Berilovac, at the gate of Stara Planina. It was established in 2000 by the Municipality of Knjazevac and Homeland Museum Knjazevac. Since 2003 organization has been given to the Tourist organization of Knjazevac. „Đurđevdan“-St. George’s Day is a joyful holiday celebrating the power of spring and nature. In Vrtovac, in the cell dedicated to St. George, on St. George’s day the ritual sacrifice of a lamb is performed, which the Budžak people call “prayer”. A ritual procession-litia, consecration of cheese, and weaving wreaths of mountain flowers are organized. On the first Saturday after St. George’s Day, the event continues in Balta Berilovac, with the Ethno festival that includes a competition in the preparation of traditional dishes, the tastiest „Belmuž“, choosing the best cheese, etc., along with a rich cultural and artistic program. Young people compete in shepherd games.


Authors of the creative story
Municipality of Knjazevac, Homeland Museum Knjaževac and Tourist organization of Knjazevac

Village Vrtovac and village Balta Berilovac, both villages belong to Municipalitiy of Knjazevac, Serbia

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