An elegant solitary piece of design that will catch your attention. That is jewellery box Poupě (Flower bud), which also acts as a lamp and a vase.

The first impulse to create a jewellery box was our love of jewellery, but there there was no product on the market that would satisfy our requirements. We needed one where we could neatly store our rings, earrings, bracelets and especially long necklaces, which get constantly entangled. The design of Poupě is inspired by a Czech fairytale about a sad princess and it symbolises a blooming flower.

The jewellery box system is variable. The inside of the wooden sphere is furbished with wooden surface with sticks and cones, which can be adjusted to your jewellery types. The middle cone, which is used to lift the inner part is fitted with a small vase and a small lamp is hidden at the bottom of the sphere for ambient interior lighting. The stainless steel stand is fitted with thorns around the perimeter, which are used to hang longer necklaces.

Poupě is a product that will enrich your interior. There is a beautiful moment of surprise just before you open it and see what secrets are hidden inside.


Oblakka, Czech Republic

Oblakka, Czech Republic

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