There are two of us. We are similar yet different. We both love beautiful and functional things with a twist and we design the ones we have been missing. The ones that warm your heart and you know it's love forever. They will age with you, experience different periods of life and moods. Even if you decide to move to the other side of the world, you will want to take them with you, because they are a piece of you. And one day, your grandchildren will want to have them because they know they were your heart's business.

how did it begin...
We met at the Faculty of Architecture at FA ČVUT, which we both graduated from. Kristýna extended her studies and graduated from the same faculty with a bachelor's program - Industrial Design, which she completed with a bachelor's thesis - a rocking chair. And so the first prototype of houp was created. In the meantime, we were caught up in our common passion for jewelry and the lack of a jewelry box that would suit us, so we began to create poupě. We have established ourselves in how mutual cooperation suits us and how we can complement each other. And so oblakka were formed ...

what do we offer…
The basis for us is quality and personal approach. We make each product specifically for you, we will help you fine-tune the color combinations so that our products fit perfectly in your interiors and exteriors and yet stand out as a solitary objects. We rely on cooperation with Czech craftsmen, because we care that our products are beautifully made from high quality materials, precisely down to the last detail and last for many years.

Product Designers

Prague, Czech Republic




Make contact
+420 776 266 604 (Kristýna Šimoník)
+420 603 154 158 (Klára Melounová)


Winning projects


An elegant solitary piece of design that will catch your attention. That is jewellery box Poupě (Flower bud), which also acts as a lamp and a vase. The first
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