Pirin Pool Bar by M1K3 PROJECT; Bulgaria

This pool bar is part of the renovation of Strazhite hotel courtyard in Bansko winter ski resort, Bulgaria. The project is part of the hotel development as summer destination and includes garden landscape design, two tennis courts, the construction of two pools, outside showers and the bar.

The design is inspired by the surrounding mountains silhouette. The outside bar countertop goes all along the east elevation, creating enjoyable, informal space for sitting, standing, gathering people on a cocktail by the pool. The building is presented by its natural wood material in elevation, combined with black HPL and linear lighting that gives structure to the form during the night. The bar has a small kitchen and shower and toilet facilities.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The bar is a focal point in the garden of the hotel, it organizes the space and completes it with its sculptural form inspired by the surrounding mountains.

Text provided by the architects.



Year of completion

Bansko, Bulgaria

Total area: 140 m2
Site area: 11 000 m2

Margarita Bozhinova

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