Two filigree rods make the glass PILLE float sculpturally. Constructively, this goal is achieved by a horizontal ring from which the glass bodies grow. This ring simultaneously carries the LEDs, dissipates their heat, and the power supply is also integrated with it. The luminaire body is delicate, translucent, and made of mouth-blown crystal glass from European production. The table and floor lamp has a stand made of stone as well as a high-quality cable from Italian production for dimming the light. PILLE creates an absolutely glare-free light image. To make this possible, a second, smaller pill shape was integrated, which floats in the middle of the luminaire. This contains the actual light source, which consists of two LEDs arranged horizontally on the central disc. Surrounded by finely stained glass, the light is gently diffused. This luminaire series is available in six versions and different glass colors.


ON3D; Klaus Nolting

Molto Luce GmbH

Year of production

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