Pietro & Pietro fresh truffles premium packaging

The form testifies symbiosis between the precious mushroom and the noble oak tree from the Motovun forest, through the emphasized similarity of the cross-section of the black truffle and the tree, their dark relief bark, and a light middle. The choice of regular and millennial fossil oak is an association to the millennial age of the Motovun forest, where Pietro & Pietro truffles come from. The choice of wood and tiling achieve some unique natural color effects which are impossible to produce artificially, just like truffles. An additional ecological dimension is the fact that the fossilized trunk hasn’t been cut down, but extracted from Croatian rivers, swamps, and lakes and used for a new, unique value. The packaging contains wood shavings, in which truffles have been traditionally kept, and which naturally regulate humidity. This eco-friendly way of packaging has improved the preservation of quality of the truffles during transport: after the introduction of new packaging, the number of complaints due to damage and/or rotting was reduced to practically none.


Octopus Ink d.o.o.; Miran Tomičić, Sanja Rotter, Croatia

Močvarni hrast d.o.o., Croatia

Year of production

Dejan Hren

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