Piero – Bi-fuel Pizza Oven

Piero is a bi-fuel oven that guarantees the transition from fire to gas in an immediate way without inconvenient assembly operations.
Its shape recalls the traditional dome of the pizza oven, interpreting it in a new way. Designed for a dual installation mode, with or without trolley, Piero is elegant in both situations.

The chromatic division of the front allows to visually emphasize the interface area where the burner knobs and the thermometer are placed. Particular attention has been given to the design of the trolley; robust and functional, it integrates 4 solid metal sheet legs with perforated surfaces that give character to the product. The internal storage space of the trolley is practical to keep wood, pots or work tools.


Whynot design, Italy

Fontana Forni s.r.l., Italy

Year of production

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