Pieces is all about changing the understanding of acoustic panels while making them as furnitures that are part of the decoration. It is a lightweight acoustic panel, able to easily carry to anywhere in offices or homes.

With its costumizable structure, users can make any visual that they want on Pieces. The foams with acoustic properties are changeable. Also they are fireproof and antibacterial. Nurus could produce them in various geometries and color combinations and they can present to the people a customizable area with infinite variations. They can print on foams any graphic and color they want and they can cut them in any geometric shape. Thus, this design  could get post-sale feature. The base foam and changeable small foams passed the sound absorbing tests. They are able to absorb 100 hz to 5000 hz.


Sinan Anayurt, Turkey

Nurus, Turkey

Year of production

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