Pernkopf – Home and Office, Eberstalzell

Great solutions often lie beyond convention. So, the client’s requirement was to create a building with two barrier-free usage units – but not in common default like concrete and bricks – it should be design as a mass timber construction. The office unit is mainly facing the street with a separate entrance, while the private living area is oriented to the opposite side. The solution is a compact solid-timber building that offers all users the greatest possible of freedom and privacy. Inside the building, wood gives the design a relaxed feel, adding warmth with its subtle variation in tone and texture. The result is a low energy building that reflects the goals of the company in its commitment to the environment.


Architekturbüro Di Hans Achatz, Austria

Main contractor for wood construction
Strasser Dach Gmbh

Ingenieurbüro Pernkopf e.U.

Year of completion

Eberstalzell, Austria

Total area
184 m2

Alfred Haslinger

Project Partners

Altmüller, Elektro Achleithner, Brunner Bau

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