Patrulei, Bucharest

Studio3+ redesigned a derelict building, which was saved from demolition by the fall of communism. The project worked with the existing as a source of material and structure, responsibly using the existing resources, whilst adjusting the spaces to contemporary standards of living. Located at the end of a blind alley, the building embodies the spirit of the Bucharest urban house. The three apartments are home to an extended family, with a small common office space in the basement. The new configuration of the facade allows more light inside and opens up the building to the old oak facing the plot.


Dragos Scurtulescu, Raluca Scurtulescu, Claudia Stefanescu, Iulia Radion, Ionescu Alina


Year of completion

Bucharest, Romania

Total area
424 m2

Site area
189 m2

Vlad Patru

Project Partners

Concept Structure s.r.l., Aluminios Cortizo Romania s.r.l., Eco Roof Construct s.r.l., Kelman Profesional s.r.l., Primo s.r.l., Daikin România s.r.l., Retailer Edal Trade s.r.l., Franke Romania s.r.l., Bruma, Mantra s.r.l.

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