DORIC teapot

“Doric teapot” is our latest creation. Doric tea set is designed to be ergonomic and at the same time has a very well defined visual identity and it can easily become an object that is part daily routine (if you are a tea lover, of course). The name of “Doric” was given to this new teapot due to Doric style of Greek architecture. It is a stable form and also classical. The angles are well defined. The base of the teapot is a circle, but the front and the top are rectangular. The entire shape is slant in the back (where the handle is) and the front is straight and steady, communicating very well with the rectangular top. The two sides that are making liaisons with the front and the back of the teapot, create a very special plan and geometry of the object. It is an ergonomic object, easy to use and hold. The tea plants are placed directly in the teapot and slip through the filter holes.

The teapot is made of glazed high-fire porcelain. Multiplication is done using ceramic molds. The satin finish pieces are glazed only inside.
Materials: porcelain
Capacity: 1.3 l


Ceramic Sparrow, Romania

Ceramic Sparrow; Andreea Lazarescu, Tiberiu Dancila, Romania

Year of production

Tiberiu Dancila, Andreea Lazarescu

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