Parasite Habitat

The apartment is designed for two people as a unique space with an embedded bedroom. The bedroom plays the role of a parasite, while everything else inside the apartment is positioned in relation to the intruder. There is a provocation at the expense of perception due to the width of the space and the various ways of staging the living room. The impression of spaciousness, even in this small space, is present as the collimation lines of the adjoining rooms conjoin in every room. It is possible to enter into every nook of the space, which creates more intimacy the deeper we go inside, without losing sight of the rest of the space.

Next to the huge storage space, the dominant living room hasn’t been lost. The furniture that embraces the walls, the only real borders of the apartment, still leaves empty space. Everything has been optimized so the user can, smoothly, without making any compromises, fulfill all their needs by choosing various activities. These principles accentuate the contrasting artworks displayed on the walls, creating a captivating visual journey.


Cherry Art Hub

Year of completion

Novi Sad, Serbia

Total area
39 m2

Relja Ivanić

Project Partners

Sink and faucet: Blanco
Rugs: Vuno Design
Photos: Relja Ivanić
Kitchen counter top: Ideal Stone

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