Paphos Citizen Service Center

Project is located in the parking area of Stelios Kyriakides stadium. The Paphos Citizens Service Center (CSC) embodies a bold architectural vision, representing a fusion of tradition and innovation. With a focus on creating an iconic landmark for public administration, the design integrates marble and exposed concrete to symbolize the harmonious coexistence of old and new. At its core, the architectural approach prioritizes the creation of an iconic building that serves as a symbol of modernity and efficiency in public administration. Open-plan spaces promote transparency and collaboration, while smart and functional systems and lighting ensure efficiency and user satisfaction.

The interior environment is designed to be hospitable, user-friendly, and pleasant, with vinyl flooring and acoustically treated walls and ceilings enhancing the overall ambiance. The layout features a raised floor open-plan design with seven citizen service points, a manager’s office, and a multi-use room. Smart space solutions such as self-service kiosks and information tablets streamline service delivery. Scheduled for a transition to online operations in 2028, the center is designed to evolve with changing needs into a new use, reflecting the Municipality’s commitment to adaptability and innovation.

The CSC represents a paradigm shift in public service architecture, embodying principles of functionality, aesthetics, and user-centric design.


OCD+A Studio; Chrisafeni Theodoulou, Sofia Bagiartaki, Nearchos Theodoulou

Municipality of Paphos

Year of completion

Paphos, Cyprus

Total area
210 m2

Site area
250 m2

Christos Constantinides

Project Partners

Owner: Cyprus Sports Organization and Municipality of Paphos
Architect: OCD+A Studio
Structural engineer consultant: KPC Engineering
Mechanical engineer consultant: Costas Petrides
Electrical engineer consultant: Petros Petrou
Quantity surveyor: DIMK; Michalis Kyriakides
Main contractor: Agagrand Construction LTD
HVAC, mechanical subcontractor: Atlantis Engineering CO. LTD
Electrical subcontractor: Es&Ti Engineering Services
Aluminum subcontractor: D&S Aluminium LTD
Aluminum fabricators: MUSKITA
Furniture supplier and fabricator: Takis Charalambous & Co. Ltd

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