OTP M12 Headquarters

The spaces in the campus-scale building are spectacular yet unobtrusive with architectural and interior design solutions without exaggeration. The values expressed are based on confidence, reliability, fresh details and a coherent unity, showing the strength of the group. The strict building structure of the headquarters is balanced by harmony in the interiors, fresh spaces and a sense of flowing space. The biggest challenge for MádiLáncos’ experts was the division of the continuous spaces, the separation of functions and the complex design of the control and information systems. In addition to the spectacular lobby, offices and collaboration spaces, restaurants, conference rooms and meeting rooms, an innovative co-working space was also created. The interior design was paramount in passageways, atriums and spaces, providing privacy and a place for more informal negotiations. Separation in the units, active collaboration spaces and office spaces is guided by a discreetly visualized theme: atmospheres of water, sky and forest help to orient the building and create spectacular but unobtrusive units. Natural light, spatial organization and transparency not only enhance aesthetics but also support staff in working efficiently while organic lines soften and bring together the tens of thousands of square meters of the building. One of the key features of the new headquarters is the architectural and interior design gesture of unifying space. The bank’s headquarters, with its strict structure, seeks balance in all its solutions. Biophilic design was one of the key elements in addition to the use of natural materials and soft colors, the flora almost encloses the workers.


MádiLáncos Studio; Krisztina Sarosdi Madi, Janos Szlovak, Aron Lancos, Virag Mathe

OTP Bank

Year of completion

Budapest, Hungary

Total area
50.000 m2

Bálint Jaksa

Stage 180°

Project partners

Bolon, Amtico, Cerdisa, Milliken, Shaw, Sattler, Flos Aim, Moooi Meshmatics, Normann, Housedoctor, Artemide, Linealight, Intralighting, Bover, Lucis, Aromas del Campo, DCW Editions, Ontwerpduo

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