Opio packaging

The packaging of the face cream and hyaluronic serum has been designed for the OPIO natural cosmetics product line made by company Collalloc. The main idea was to create a simple but very representative design and high-quality processing, which complements the exclusivity of a natural product that is hiding inside of the package.
Just as the cosmetics of the opium series have a gentle effect on our body, we wanted to achieve the same effect on the packaging itself. Due to the lower environmental burden and work with residues, the container lid is made in the form of 3D printing from biodegradable plastic. That is, plastic, which is produced from renewable natural raw materials. In order to achieve maximum comfortable handling of the packaging, the container lid is equipped with a special knurling that prevents slippage between the fingers and thus better control during opening and closing.


Petr Novague, Czech Republic

opio a.s., Czech Republic

Year of production

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