OD Villa, Kinigos

Villa OD is a country house located just a few kilometers away from the town of Pylos. The Messinian countryside was a point of reference for the design and study of the project. The project involves a multi-storey residence whose study had as its main goal the creation of a modern, luxurious, and atmospheric country house that offers a holistic experience of the Messinian landscape and local tradition through its services, amenities and infrastructure that will be offered to its guests. The building was completely renovated internally. The visible stone, wood, marble, white plaster, dark metal elements, the colour palette in neutral earthy tones as well as the retro brushstrokes all composed the final image of the project.


MUTINY architecture & design

OD Locations

Year of completion

Kinigos, Greece

Total area
196 m2

Site area
640 m2

Nikos Alexopoulos

Project Partners

Contractus S.A., GR Stone, SoHo Furniture, Fabbrica Srl., Almeco Hellas S.A., Elite Strom S.A., Mega Energiaki S.A., Placed lighting, Zabakolas home, Serpetinis, Aquaspot AE

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