Novy Phantom

The Novy Phantom is the latest addition to our island cooker hoods collection. Its light black translucent glass makes it an eye-catcher in the kitchen. This feeling is even intensified by a dimmable led strip on top of the cooker hood creating an upward atmospheric scattered light on the ceiling. This easy-to-install appliance is available in 2 versions, with a height-adjustable steel cable for a floating effect or with a subtle frame for a more industrial look. The functional dimmable cooking light color intensity can be selected at any moment by the end-user, in the range between 2,700 and 4,00K. Creating large flexibility in the look and cooking experience. The Novy Phantom can be the star of the kitchen, due to its various lighting: the upward lighting to the ceiling, the 4 corner spotlights bringing a box-in-box design to life, and the functional, dimmable & variable color intensity of the cooking light. The appliance can easily be operated by the black remote control, which is always delivered with the appliance, but it is also ready to be operated via our Novy Connect App.


Tom Vanden Broucke

Novy NV

Year of production

Novy NV; Joke De Langhe

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