Igre plemstva na gradu Rihemberk

‘Igre plemstva’ – Noble games – are innovative, sustainable and attractive live heritage interpretation programmes at the Rihemberk castle. The Svitar Institute for Spatial Design, History and Art opened Rihemberk Castle to the public and developed colourful interpretation programmes which have not only educational but also relaxing and even transformative consequences. With them, it promotes the excellence of cultural heritage and creates quality tourist products for the market. Among the products fo r different target groups are: connecting family experience The Rihemberk Castle Treasures, live interpretation walk The mighty castle of the lords of Rihemberk, educational team building Journey to the blooming of the Rihemberk castle and the immersive experience Born to rule – The game of nobility in the medieval castles. In cooperation with external partners Svitar is highlighting the local identity in the experience for personal growth The Will of Ulrik of Rihemberk and the boutique experience gRAJskost – a secret connection between the castles, waters, farms and vineyards of the Vipava Valley.


Bojana Čibej and Svitar’s team

Tourism Entrepreneur
Svitar zavod za oblikovanje prostora, zgodovino in umetnost

Year of completion

Branik, Slovenia

Uroš Rojc, Mateja Pelikan

Project partners

Mestna občina Nova Gorica, Nataša Kolenc

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