New multi-purpose hall, Luzzara

The restoration of the bowling club of Luzzara, a small town in the lowland of Reggio Emilia along the banks of the river Po, is the opportunity to upgrade a place with a strong symbolic value. Place of leisure and meeting, the hall has been an Arci office and a bowling center for the last forty years; it has been dragged to the present day without being modified.
Now the new will of the Local Government and the little use have given impetus to its renovation.
Upgrading and renewal through the application of new ‘skins’ (textures), the first light and acoustic for the interiors, the second metallic in the front and the third artistic: a mural painting with the landscape and the typical flora and fauna of the river Po, that flows calm a few meters away from there.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?


KM 429 architettura; Simona Avigni, Alessio Bernardelli

Municipality of Luzzara (RE), Italy

Davide Galli

Luzzara (RE), Italy

Year of completion

Total area
1800 m2

Project Partners

Società Cattolica Costruzioni Spa, Martinelli Luci, Alubel

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