Moldee | Bar & Restaurant

Anatomy of a plate. Moldee gives shape to high gastronomy. Moldee is a hybrid dining scenario, where fine casual dining is combined with fine drinking. The space consists of two units that are co-located, with their boundaries being not so distinct, entering into each other. It is located in the center of the city of Thessaloniki and is housed on the ground floor of a listed apartment building built in 1973. The chef’s vision is to provide a space where they would develop their vision, to offer the public a new direction in nutrition. In this way, the users of the place are transformed into “moldees”, that is, they are trained by the chefs in order to know the quality food and to be fed with quality ingredients and clean flavors in their daily life. The gastronomic concept also influenced the architectural design in a very minimalist way and without unnecessary elements. Making a theoretical section of a plate, the following ingredients are identified: the dish as a strong base, the ingredients that create the composition of flavors and shapes, and finally the topping which consists of impressive and light elements that contribute to the creation of emotions and atmosphere.



Nefeli Ike

Year of completion

Thessaloniki, Greece

Total area
310 m2

Vasilis Mavridis, Michele Troiani

Project Partners

Construction: – Georgios Mitolidis, MEP study: EMDC – K. Kapesidis – N. Mertzios LTD, MEP building study: Cambicci+Associates, Acoustic study: Acousone – Georgios Karpouzas, Supervision: Ioannis Askaridis, Contractor: Mbrace Structural Durability – Giorgos Mitolidis, Plasterboards: Siamatras – Siamastras Giannis, Doors & Windows | Interior: Aggelos Oikonomidis, Doors & Windows | Exterior: Altech – Douloudis Vasilis, Electrical Installation: Simos Sideridis, Plumbing: Giannis Kamaris, Coatings/Paints: Kourasanit – Tasos Charalampidis, Special Constructions Application of Colors / Techniques: Masalas Stelios, Floor – Stairs Tiles: Material World – Lazaros Theodoridis, Floor – Walls Tiles Wc: Kiskinidhs – Pasxalis Kiskinidis, Bathroom Washbasins, Fixtures:, Material World – Lazaros Theodoridis, Cooling-Heating Systems: Xenidis Kiriakos, Lighting: Bright – Pavlos Avramidis, Furniture: Dimitris Mylopoulos, Sibu, Coating: Eleftheriou S.A. – Gaitanou, Bathroom Counter Hanex: Axxionsurface – Tsiggenopoulos Ilias, Marble Table Surfaces: Solomonidi – Solomonidou Olympia, Furniture: Almeco – Stelios Papadakis, Fabrics: Dilzas – Faidwn Grigoriadis, Kitchen: XENEX – Ioannis Nomikos, Freeze Chamber: Geocool – Alexis Chalkias

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